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Hi my name is Jack and I'm a videographer & photographer from South West London.

Over the last 5 years, I have produced work for clients from all corners of the globe.  I originally focused on promotional videos, but have since expanded my services - all while constantly producing visually-engaging content that exceed my client's expectations. What' 's more, my work has taken me around the globe and I have produced work within a wide array of industries such as travel, lifestyle, aerospace, automotive, YouTube, music videos, events and real estate.

My focus is to tell your story in a creative, dynamic and captivating way the inspires viewers and makes a lasting impression. I work closely with my clients in order to deliver a finished video project that I am proud of and you are proud to share. It starts by identifying the target audience and the purpose of the video, as well as maintaining good communication throughout the project. 

In 2021, I co-created a documentary production channeL called Outlawes.  Here, I have filmed interviews and documented untold stories from around the world that have garnered tens of thousands of viewers. Our mission is not only to provide unique characters with a platform to tell their stories, but to also trigger meaningful discussions that can impact our future world. 


As well as videography, I am trained as a director of photography. What's more, I have over five years of experience within  editing, colour correction/grading and sound design, motion graphics and visual storytelling.

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